The Modern Theatre creates projects, productions and facilitates workshops within the fields of theatre, film and new media like virtual reality.

You can read more about the productions further down.

If you want to know more about The Modern Theatre’s artistic director Jannike Grut, go to http://www.jannikegrut.com  or  https://www.linkedin.com/in/jannike-grut-a05aa428/  or see more of Jannike Grut as an actress, go to http://imdb.me/jannikegrut or to her agency http://www.hammarstromagency.com

The Modern Theatre also do The Empathy Games – workshops on ethics and empathy for pupils from age 13 up to high school. This project also has a website of its own, all in Swedish www.empatispelen.se

The Modern Theatre produces stories, experiences and Empathy Games in Virtual Reality in the new project Do Good Games (3D / VR and computer games). See more on www.dogoodgames.com which is ONLY IN ENGLISH We are currently also developing a TV series and an interactive computer game for 7-12-year-olds within this project.

The Modern Theatre pre-produces a Swedish/English theatre tour, PUCK LOVE – a modern and updated adaptation of Shakespeare for a young audience.

The Modern Theatre communication training for professionals ACTION | Communication also has its own homepage www.actionkommunikation.se where we work with employees from all sectors, with communication in fx. customer response. And with clients, bedside manners and empathy training.