The Modern theatre autumn and winter of 2020

The Modern Theatre/Moderna Teatern is now working again on EMPATISPELEN™ for the schools. 

EMPATISPELEN is a theatre-workshop with two actors (working with school classes) that we now are both working on producing a ”Corona-secured” version of, to start performing in schools with again.

DIGI-VERSION. And we are also at the beginning of digitalizing the workshop.

NEW COLLABS AROUND EXHIBITIONS To expand our work with training youngsters in ”understanding the other” in staging dilemma situations/scenes with actors, EMPATSPELEN is also starting new collaborations with museums around exhibitions.

In the case of working together with museums, the scenes the school pupils will see, and work with, is created to mirror the theme of the exhibitions we work with. Typical themes could be Democracy, Equality, Diversity, Empathy, War and the consequences of war, Refugees etc.

Due to COVID 19 the next theatre-production we will produce is an out-door version of PUCK LOVE for summer 2021.

Otherwise, Jannike Grut from The Modern Theatre is producing a short film for Birgitta Liljedahl, Aspö Writing lab, and she also writes on a book for actors about how to obtain a sustainable career as a creative freelancer. She is during winter 2020-2021 also starting to film again as an actress in film and tv-series.


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